Lanzhou University Collaborated with the High School Attached to NWNU to Create a Yongzheng Innovation-oriented Experiment Class
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       On the afternoon of Sept.11th, 2017, the signing ceremony of jointly establishing the Yongzheng Innovation-oriented Experimental Class by Lanzhou University and the High School Attached to NWNU as well as the Appointment Ceremony of Head Teachers for the Experiment Class was held in the lecturing hall of Science and Technology Building, which aims to boost the early cultivation of outstanding innovative talents, promote the organic cohesion between basic education and higher learning, and make full use of the educational resources in colleges and universities so as to meet the needs of potential students with excellent quality education as well as explore and implement a talent training model with distinctive features of our school.
        More than 300 people participated in the ceremony, including leaders from Lanzhou University, like Tu Yongqiang, Professor of Lanzhou University and the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, An Lizhe, Vice President of Lanzhou University , Xu Pengfei, Executive School Dean of Lanzhou University, Li Xiaoli, Director of Admissions Office of Lanzhou University and Fan Chunan, Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory of Functional Organic Chemistry of Lanzhou University, and also leaders from the High School Attached to NWNU, such as our Principal Jia jinyuan, Party Secretary and Vice-principal, Liu Guocai, Vice-principals Gou Xiaofeng, Jing Xiaomin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zhou Aizu. There are also some representatives of the teaching staff, and all the students of the Yongzheng Innovation Experiment Class, as well as some student representatives from special classes of grade I and grade II. The ceremony was presided by Party Secretary and Vice-principal Liu Guocai.
        In the ceremony, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Zhou Aizu introduced the Yongzheng Innovation-oriented Experiment Class of High School Attached to NWNU, and announced the decision on appointing the academician Tu yongqiang as the head teacher of Yongzheng Innovation-oriented Experiment Class of the High School Attached to NWNU. Our Principal Jia Jinyuan awarded the letter of appointment to Tu Yongqiang and invited him, a member of CAS and doctoral tutor of the Lanzhou University, to be the head teacher of Yongzheng Innovation-oriented Experiment Class.

       Academician Tu Yongqiang made a keynote report on "molecular changes world: the previous and contemporary situation of artemisinin ", and communicated with students.
    After the meeting, Vice Principal Gou Xiaofeng presented the “Cooperative Agreement on Creating Innovation-oriented Experiment Class by Lanzhou University and High School Attached to NWNU”. Vice-president of Lanzhou University, An Zheli and our Principal Jia Jinyun, representing the two sides respectively, signed the agreement. They have reached an agreement that Lanzhou University will give full play to its advantages of Cuiying College in teaching faculty and education resources to provide guidance, teacher training, teaching evaluation, curriculum teaching and other support for our innovation-oriented experiment class. Simultaneously, the high school will serve joint support and cooperation for Lanzhou University to recruit students. Besides, they will preferentially recommend outstanding students from innovation-oriented experiment class to participate in autonomous recruitment selection of Lanzhou University, and actively mobilize and encourage prominent students to take the examination, as well as sending excellent students to Lanzhou University. The agreement has been successfully signed, which will further strengthen the communication and promote mutual support, common development and win-win cooperation of two sides.
      In his speech, the Vice President of Lanzhou University, An Lizhe, introduced the overview of Lanzhou University and the Cuiying College. He pointed that Lanzhou University always attaches great importance to the undergraduate education, and always puts the undergraduate teaching as a pivotal feature. The establishment of Cuiying College highlighted the dominant position in the same kind of undergraduate education. He indicated that they hope to cooperate with the high school and will more effectively promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation on innovative personnel training and excellent source delivery.
        Principal Jia Jinyuan showed his grateful thanks in his speech to Lanzhou University and Academician Tu Yongqiang for the support they have given to the establishment of innovation-oriented experimental class. He pointed out that the High School Attach to NWNU is a provincial model high school with a history of one hundred years. It has developed tens of thousands of elite talents for the country. The combination of Lanzhou University and Academician Tu yongqiang has not only injected strong impetus to promote the students' individuality growth, develop special skills development and public school brand, but also bring more chances to deepen curriculum reform, promote the diversification of training mode and independent exploration and free growth platform. Principal Jia hoped that the students can contribute their own strength for the construction of an innovative country. He gave his remarks to the students that they need to keep the school motto in their mind, which are the "diligence,, sincerity, courage," straighten value beacons and keep motherland in hearts. At the same time, he told the students to have an overall perspective of facing the world, cherishing the learning opportunities, keeping curiosity and expectation as well as finding potential in the pursuit of excellence.

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