A Special Lecture Given by Professor Yang Bin from Tsinghua University
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      In March 30th, Professor Yang Bin, the Vice-President and Academic Dean of Tsinghua University, Professor Liu Zhen, the admission office director of Tsinghua University and Professor Xue Jiantuan, the admission office director of Gansu Province visited our school and had a deep communication with the President Jia Jinyuan, the Secretary Liu Guocai, the Vice-President Gou Xiaofeng and the Vice-Secretary Zhou Aizu of our school.
    The President Jia Jinyuan accompnied with professors visiting our school. He introduced the development, improvement and achievements of our school and hoped that Tsinghua University could bond with our school to build a long-term cooperative relationship. Professor Yang Bin praised highly in the aspects of school spirits, academic atmosphere and students studying in Tsinghua University who graduated from our school. Furthermore, he postively discussed the new methods between universities and high schools.
       Later, on behalf of Tsinghua University, Professor Yang Bin awarded a plaque with “High School with High-Quality Students in 2017”. Then, he gave a special lecture titled “Students, Country and World After 20 Years” for nearly 300 excellent students in senior year. In this lecture, Professor Yanf Bin talked about his choice in major and analyzed on new features of students, country and the world after 20 years. Arousing students’ strong sympathy, his lecture gave students a brand new view about the future of themselevs, country and the world with the meaning to be a guidance in career choices and ability training.


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